Pastel Green Chinese Wedding Wardrobe

Originally these cabinets were given to newly wedded couples and would have been placed in their bedroom full of silks and materials. The couple would then put their wedding attire into them for storage. Its a beautiful piece of furniture that would make a great wardrobe or TV/music cabinet.

This cabinet is a fabulous pastel green colour and would look stunning in many contemporary settings.

Below the wardrobe are 2 useful drawers.

Dimensions: 168cm and 171cm (h) x 53cm (depth) x 115cm (width).

NOTE: They do taper in slightly from bottom to top, so depth is at the deepest (bottom). We do have 2 wardrobes in this colour and one is slightly taller than the other. We have given the measurement for the tallest. ‘First come, first served!’

Condition: Some timbers have shrunk and the paint chipped, but as they are a rustic style it seems only to add to their charm.